TBF donates bike to exemplary team member

TBF donates bike to exemplary team member

Here at TBF, we believe in supporting our team members however we can. Whether that’s in their professional development, shaping a workplace culture where they can thrive or generally making sure they have the right equipment to support their working lives.


That’s why this month, we were proud to present one of our most committed team members and production operative, Edmund Dokyi, with a new bike. An avid cyclist, come rain or shine, hail or snow, Edmund cycles miles to and from work every day. Similar to our managing director Glyn, Edmund is never late (another one of those…) and nothing is ever too much trouble for him. That’s why we firmly believe that everybody needs an Edmund in their team.


As a business, we fully appreciate the benefits of cycling to work. After all, a study of 264,337 people found that cycling to work is linked with a 45% lower risk of developing cancer and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those of us who travel by car and public transport. Taking a two-mile trip each way, every day in a five-day working week can also half your risk of coronary heart disease. Not bad, eh?


Anyway, we digress, let’s get back to Edmund. When we found out that he didn’t have the right tools (bike) to support his journey to work in the way we’d like (safely), we knew we had to step in. We wanted to.


So, we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate all that Edmund has done at TBF so far and to say that we hope you enjoy your new wheels, Edmund – you deserve this.

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