Tube Laser Cutting and Forming

From the early production and design stages right through to manufacturing, our engineering experts are perfectly placed to provide high quality, bespoke products to a range of sectors.

What are the advantages of Tube Bending?

As the latest innovation in metal fabrication, tube laser cutting allows you to achieve the exact specifications of your project.


The speed and precision of the laser guarantees it to be the fastest approach for cutting different profiles and through a variety of materials. This ensures that mistakes are a thing of the past and budgets are protected.


With our expertise and leading edge machinery, there are no limitations when it comes to tube laser cutting. This improves the aesthetics of your solutions and will increase your advantage over competitors.

Reduce Lead Times

keep your project on track and on budget

Design and expert support

Our work is all underpinned by ISO 9001: 2015

Tube Laser Cutting capabilities

It is not simply the case that any laser can do the job, it comes down to our experience in metal tube and sheet manufacturing, and investment in the best laser cutting technology.


Our state-of-the-art BLM LT120 machine allows us to work fast and handle complex briefs with ease and high-quality service.


Whether it’s a small or large order, we promise the right outcome for all involved.

Min OD: 12.7mm round or square, maximum OD: 120mm round tube

Mitre Joints in 84mm box section reduces welding time

Max thickness: 4mm

Max onload: 6.5m, max offload: 4.5m

What is Tube Laser Cutting?


Tube Laser Cutting is the process of using state-of-the-art equipment to manipulate materials such as Mild/Seamless & Stainless Steels; Aluminium; Titanium; Copper; Brass and Coated tubing and profiles.


Its laser beams eliminate the need for sawing, drilling and other manual techniques that are traditionally used to attempt complex shapes and joins, providing you with complete design freedom.


Our customers include a range of industries dealing with unique requirements such as heavy plant machinery and automotive, to those working with outdoor playing facilities and special needs equipment.


TBF can also assist you with tube bending, tube welding as well as full design service.

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