Tube Fabrication, Welding and Assemble Service

We are continuously developing TBF services to offer a complete ‘one-shop-stop’ that is bespoke to our customer’s needs. Our years of industry experience and commitment to exceptional customer experience will support you through every step of the process – from initial design to project delivery.

To ensure you receive fabricated material you can trust, the TBF team is ready and waiting to offer its robotic welding and assembly expertise.

Our welding services include

MIG and TIG Robotic Welding

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is often used on large, thicker components and can work in any position. Whereas TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is better suited to small parts that require precision.


Our experience in robotic welding ensures your new, bespoke solution receives the most efficient technique.


Whether it be MIG or TIG welding, our systems modern interfaces are programmed to deliver on speed, accuracy and consistency.

Our Machine and Press Riveting service

We are able to offer our customers both an automatic and manual riveting service to join your materials together.


Riveting machines are used across a multitude of needs. From brake linings for commercial vehicles and aircrafts’ handles and switches used in agricultural machinery; right through to hospital trolley beds and swing sets.


Depending on the service you require and the fragile nature of your components, our experts will help you decide which process is best for you.

Our Assemble Service

We understand the importance of seeing your project through to completion with a team you can trust.


That’s why, as the people who have worked closest with your fabricated metal parts and products, our team of assemble engineers can build your goods safely in our own factories.


This is a service we offer to all our customers, whether it’s a one-off piece of heavy plant machinery or a large order of commercial seating frames.


This stage is also closely followed by rigorous quality and safety checks. Before packing and shipping them to your desired location.

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