Tube Bending Services

Since its inception in 1950, TBF has pushed the boundaries of tube manipulation. Delivering flexibility to the most robust materials, our engineering experts are ready to help you achieve your project’s exact requirements by bending the boundaries of creativity.

What are the advantages of Tube Bending?

When working with such strong materials, our tube bending machines offer you precise accuracy on those intricate formations you don’t want to compromise on.


Depending on the project at hand, tube bending offers a more cost effective and visually appealing finish that you wouldn’t achieve when using more traditional fabrication methods.


To push a material such as Mild/Seamless and Stainless Steels; Aluminium; Titanium; Copper; Brass and Coated Tubing to its limit, it’s important to ensure you are left with a product you can still rely on. Tube bending offers you a solution that has a longer life span and better resistance to leaks and breakages.


The ease and speed at which we carry out your tube bending needs means you can be on your way, dealing with the larger elements of your project.

Reduce Lead Times

keep your project on track and on budget

Design and expert support

Our work is all underpinned by ISO 9001: 2015

Our Tube Bending Services

We have several different tube bending machines to deliver four different methods. This helps us to ensure all our customers achieve their project’s unique requirements.

Our machines:

  • BLM E52
  • D2
  • Addison DB40’s LH/RH
  • PB75
  • Unison Breeze
  • Magnum 76 and 25

With minimum outer dimensions of 4mm to a maximum of 76.2mm, we can bend the following materials:


  • Mild/Seamless & Stainless Steels
  • Aluminium
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Coated Tubing

CNC and Manual Mandrel Bending


We offer mandrel bending to help our customers overcome material wrinkling or collapse. We regularly service those producing safety, domestic and commercial seating frames as the finished product is blemish free.


CNC, also known as Computer Numerically Controlled, enables us to repeatedly bend materials into round, square and oval shapes with minimal tooling.

Press Bending


The presses we can cater to include crank, knuckle, hydraulic and mechanical. This is whereby we deliver a controlled uniform stroke length to create your desired effect.


This type of tube bending service is most popular with our gardening and agricultural customers, as well as heavy plant and equipment manufacturers.


We can achieve a press brake bending length of 3100mm and 1000kN.

Six-Axis Multistack Bending


Our six-axis multistack programme allows for several bends to be pre-mounted, therefore minimising the time it takes to create your design. This is ideal for fabricating tubular components that are needed at high volume, such as those in the transport and automotive industry.

Fixed and Variable Bending


Programmed to meet fixed and variable radius bends, we are fully equipped to react to even the most complex jobs in the same automatic bend cycle – with precision, repetition and quality.

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