Our Metal Tube End Forming Services

The TBF International team provides excellence in all tube forming and manipulation services. Our expertise and high-end machinery enable us to work with a range of metals across a variety of sectors to bend the boundaries of creativity.

What is Metal Tube End Forming?

Put simply, it is the process whereby metal tube ends are shaped or reduced in various configurations to help create a connection to another tube or hose-type component.


Any end shape is available, and we work with a variety of metals including Mild/Seamless & Stainless Steels; Aluminium; Titanium; Copper; Brass and Coated materials.


Our machine’s capabilities are:

  • Min OD: 12mm, Max OD: 70mm
  • Max length: 79mm
  • Finger and Push swage tooling

Our End Forming Services

Flow Drilling

Many building elements require tapped holes for assembly, which can create issues when using tubular materials.


Flow drilling helps overcome this by applying pressure to the metal material to soften it and then drilling through the surface to create a hole. Against traditional drilling methods, this produces a bush from the parent metal that helps to increase the wall’s thickness for a stronger connection point.

Flow drilling benefits:


  • Replaces rivet, weld and insert nuts
  • More cost effective and reliable than traditional approaches
  • Eliminates the risk of spinning or breaking at the tapping stage or when the product is at its final form
  • Zero waste or need for thread inserts

Taper and Parallel Swaging

Our swaging expertise is designed to help those in search of the possibility of gradually widening or reducing the width of a tube. With tube tapering, you can achieve constant and cylindrical diameters.


This is a cold-joining process that involves a two-die rotary hammering operation and our swaging machine. We start by feeding your metal tube into our machinery and then into dies to form a bottleneck shape that meets your specific requirements.


It is ideal if you want to insert one tube into another of the same width. We regularly provide this assistance to leisure and outdoor play providers for products including swing frames, bench pressing and weightlifting systems, cycle racks and trailer systems.

Bulging, Flaring, Beading

Our end forming capabilities spread across a breadth of shapes and designs.


When you add beads or bulges to a metal tube it enables you to secure attachments to other materials.


Our end forming services are less expensive than welding methods and will create a professional finish to your exact requirements.

 Cropping and Flattening

We are also able to offer tube cutting services. Using a bandsaw, we can crop your tubes to length so they can be used for another application or service.


Our automated flattening skills means tubes can connect to a flat material with a nut and bolt or rivet. While also providing you with the flexibility to pierce, flatten and bend your desired specifications.


This is another one of our cold-joining processes that helps us join two pieces of metal together.  

Drilling and Piercing

To ensure your finished product is secure and completed to a high quality, we can complete any of your drilling or piercing needs.

Grinding, Linishing and Deburring

 Our metal finishing techniques are what set us apart from our competitors. Designed to provide you with a perfect surface to work with and present to the public eye, the team always works to go above and beyond.


  • Grinding involves chipping away at excess material.
  • Linishing hides any visible joints or seams on welded together metals and creates a smooth, flat level surface.
  • Deburring includes using one of our machines to buff out any rough or sharp edges.

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