Engineering excellence with Phil Hewitt

Engineering excellence with Phil Hewitt

I came straight out of university after doing a Chemical Engineering Degree and went into Manufacturing.


I started my career as an Estimator and then moved onto more customer facing roles. I then progressed to another business as a Sales Engineer but soon found an opportunity to really test and progress my skills as the Engineering Manager at TBF.


I now manage TBF’s businesses commercial activities, the company’s quality systems and also work with the Production team to introduce new projects onto the shop floor.


I work well in a team and am always willing to give my opinion to find the best way of doing things. I enjoy working with the Customers to get the best for all parties and love the challenges that new product development brings, especially the technical elements behind it.


In my personal time I like to keep fit by swimming, playing golf and football and love catching up with friends at the weekends.

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