Creating Bespoke Tubular Products

TBF’s work is underpinned by  ISO 9001: 2015. Our quality assurance policy and environmental policy ensures that our team are producing high-quality products in the most efficient way.

TBF International Capabilities

The team at TBF International will work tirelessly towards the principle of continuous improvements in product quality and customer service excellence.


Our principal aim is to be recognised by our customers, both existing and future, as their best supplier of metal parts and engineered assemblies. This will be achieved by meeting exactly the customers’ requirements to ensure that they get what they want, when they need it, delivered to where they want it for a price that is mutually agreed and acceptable to all.

We will supply high quality, reliable products that conform to pre-agreed order requirements. It is our aim to always meet our customer’s expectations, and never fall below the standard that is required. It is by setting ourselves such a high standard of customer satisfaction and not allowing ourselves to fall below it that will ensure Tube Bend Form International Limited and its’ employees can have pride in their work.


The establishment of our QMS and our adherence to it will be the foundation stone of a company-wide culture centred upon continuous quality improvement, process efficiencies, reduction of waste, leading to profitable business growth. With each employee understanding, that they have both a personal and collective duty to providing an excellent service by constantly and consistently looking for better ways to serve the needs of our customers.