Applications and Industries

Tube manipulation made easy

Our products have a wide range of applications, which enable people to live their daily lives comfortably. From exiting a building safely, keeping factories warm, to teaching children to dance – we make it happen.

Heavy Plant and Equipment

We are adept at working with Heavy Plant & Equipment manufacturers having worked with some of the largest commercial earth moving manufacturers in the industry. Our expertise and capabilities in this sector are wide-reaching from helping the scaffolding industry operate safely to working in complex industries like the Energy sector.


Our specialisms include; Access Platform & Gantries, Trailers, Body & Chassis Parts, Trolleys, Balustrades and Safety Stair Equipment, Access Gates for the Scaffold industry, Welded Fabrication of Doors, Cabs, Baskets & Access Equipment, Safety Systems, Industrial Carriers & Stillages, Tubular Components, Energy from Waste & Power Generation Equipment.

Leisure and Outdoor Play

With strength and durability paramount in the Leisure & Outdoor Play sector, our ability to create high quality, tubular and sheet based metal products has seen us build a strong client base in this sector. We have helped playgrounds, gyms, cycling rack & storage providers as well as other leisure amenities create bespoke products to service their customers needs.


Our areas of expertise include: Swing frames, Laser cut trampoline frames, Bench pressing & weightlifting systems, Cycle racks & storage solutions, Tow bars & trailer systems.

Seating and Furniture

We produce a range of tube based products which are used in the manufacture of child safety, domestic and commercial seating frames. We are well known for our expertise in this area, particularly our CNC and six-axis tube manipulation, presswork and welding capabilities.

Special Needs Equipment

We are renowned for our ability to accommodate the complex requirements of Special Needs Equipment manufacturers, with many long term client partnerships in this sector. Able to work to the highest standards and produce bespoke parts makes us an obvious choice for customers.


Our areas of expertise in this sector include; Trolleys, Beds, Tables, Gurneys, Wheelchairs, Child Safety Seats and specially designed Play Equipment.


Tracing our roots back to the Automotive industry in the 1950s, we remain strong in this sector, recognised for our expertise, customer service and quality products. Continually innovating, we work with regional, national and international clients across many facets of the automotive sector.


Our capabilities include; Chassis Cross Members, Exhaust Systems, Supports, Seats and Seating systems, Tow bar, Roof Rack and Handling, Van Storage Systems, Stillages and Plating, Jig Equipment for the powder coating and paint industries, Roll cages.

Gardening and Agriculture

Working internationally we provide the parts for many well-known garden machinery firms. Our ergonomic design capabilities, quality and expertise combine to provide the Garden & Agriculture sector with first class parts for their products.


Our expertise includes the production of; Handles & Switches, Grass Boxes, Rollers, Control Levers and Exhaust Systems.